Dr.Sasa Nih Thawngpang Thar Tha Tuk Mi A Van Thanh Cang.

Note : Dr.Sasa nih thawngpang tha tuk a van thanh. Bristist Parliament nih US Security council le US cozah sinah bawmh halnak ca a kuat cang. A tlamtlin khawhnak hnga thlacam in kan bawmh a herh ngai ngai. A tu lio Mindat buainak kong he pehtlaiin Dr.Sasa zong a um sawh sawh lo. Mindat khua bawmh an si khawhnak hnga biatak tein a rak cawlcang ve. Mah cacun a tuah mi vialte a tlam tlin khawhnak hnga thlacam in bawm cio hna usih.

Thlacampiak kan herh: Dr. Sasa : Baroness (Bristist Parliament) nih UN Security Council sin le UK Cozah sin ah Mindat he pehtlai in bawmh halnak ca a tial(kuat) mi a si.

Mindat khuami le Myanmar rammi miraltha hna ca ah a si khawh chung in kan i zuam lio a si. Keimah pumpak zong caan tampi pe in ka cawlcang peng. Atulio harnak kan dirhmun ah rammi miraltha hna a that cuahmahtu SAC phu kar teinak hmuh ding chimhchawnh a har tuk mi pinlei ah kan i zuamhchih ko. Thlacamnak in kan bawm hram u!

Prayer Please! – For urgent action on Mindat Chin State The following letter has been sent to the British Government and through the UK Mission in New York to the UN Security Council by the Baroness Cox of Queensbury of London, British Parliament.

We are doing everything in our power for the brave people of Mindat Chin State and Myanmar as a whole. I personally am working around the clock non-stop, and doing the outmost behind the scenes in these very difficult circumstances to coordinate a victory for the brave people and country of Myanmar in the face of these murderous terrorists. Again, prayer Please!

Credit : The Hakha Times